Movie Mistakes: Take 3

Movie Mistakes: Take 3

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Ever noticed a digital watch in a historical film? Or seen a camera crew in a mirror? There's nothing we like more than finding a continuity error, a historical inaccuracy or a technical blunder. This third edition of the bestselling Movie Mistakes brings you over a thousand slip-ups to look out for.Helen Hunta#39;s hair is sometimes in front of her shoulder, and sometimes behind. w William Shakespearea#39;s Romeo + Juliet Just before Romeo and Juliet jump into the swimming pool, Julieta#39;s hair is in a braid that wraps around her ... In the scene right after Logan hits the hood of the truck, and Sabretooth is distracted by something, you can clearly see Storma#39;s hair is pulled back in a ponytail (you can alsoanbsp;...

Title:Movie Mistakes: Take 3
Author:Jon Sandys
Publisher:Random House - 2013-01-31


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