Mr. Right! Where Are You?

Mr. Right! Where Are You?

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Have you found him? Mr. Right, that is? Not me, Ia€™m still looking. And Ia€™ve had quite a journey thus far. From downright crazy to a€œoh my god, what did I get myself intoa€ dates, embarrassing lapses of sanity and reason to impossible relationships, this is the story of my trek to find Mr. Right. And despite the many years of checking the single box, I havena€™t given up. I know hea€™s out there somewhere, looking for me. But until then, I will continue on my journey.... to remember the players year after year back then because there was no such thing as free agencya€”the downfall of the NFL, ifyou ask mea€” which interestingly enough, no one has. ... And I absolutely loved the announcer Howard Cosell.

Title:Mr. Right! Where Are You?
Author:Tammy Rose
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-11-21


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