Mr. Riley

Mr. Riley

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A new sports movie with a new twist about a failing major league baseball team, the Runaway Boys, that is a screwball comedy about the trials and tribulations about a computer billionaire whiz kid, Ryan Green. The new owner of a baseball team takes a chance on a misfit player like Mike Riley. An ex-superstar pitcher from this club was sent to the minors two years ago and hasna€™t been back ever since. Roger Punjaab, an Indian American doctor who works for his father, decided to join the majors. David Yoder, an ex-communicated Amish boy from Lancaster, decided to leave the community to play in the Baseball League. Jeff Riley, Rileya€™s father, who was a junior college baseball star who became an architect and took his little league baseball team that his firm sponsored to a little league championship. He got laid off from his job for six months and was offered to be a manager of the big leagues, and Matt Schultz, a college baseball and cape league star who ended up as a librarian in the New York Public Library, dreams about playing in the Baseball League. He was invited to spring training by accident when there was another Schultz that was invited to spring training. These are the players he invites to camp who can turn this team around with a two-year losing streak against a greedy corporate raider named Dalton Reynolds, who hates the Yondala and wants to tear down the stadium build condos and hotels that will make him a fortune. Ryan is on a mission to save his team from a greedy investor who made a bet: if this failing team wins the pennant, he will invest a lot of money in the team, and if he loses, hea€™ll tear it down. The chances of winning the pennant is a million to one. But I hope the fans and the city are ready for them.RICK tells Matt, a€œWhat would really happened youa#39;re not really Axel Schultz. You can ... How you doing?a€ Gary and ... Mike Riley the famous Yankees Pitcher who was dumped in the minors two years ago wants to hang out with you?a€ MATTanbsp;...

Title:Mr. Riley
Author:Bobby Cinema
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-04-23


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