Muhammad's Revenge

Muhammad's Revenge

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Muhammad's Revenge is a collection of short stories that literally forces the reader to bring the realities of life on this earth, along with such terrible things as war, into sharp focus and to concentrate on why things happen as they do-when they do-and what happens to the soul when this life on earth is over. In the title story, qMuhammad's Revenge, q we see how the war experiences of a single human being can bring an apocalypse to the entire world. In qPeace on Earthq the realities of the horrors of World War I become starkly vivid and real but so does the humanity of mankind when the Germans and the English armies call a one-day truce, a historic event, that actually did happen. In qBig Sugar, q as in all these stories, we see the personal as well as private lives of many of the characters, in their darkest moments and how one life's circumstances which end in a tragic death can alter history for all the others involved for the better.She drove her 1993 Toyota Corolla all the way from Miami and it began rattling ... it was probably in need of a ring-job, costly work because you had to go through the whole engine to get to the problem. ... it was a beautiful metal-flaked, emerald green Toyota Echo, a brand-new 2001, and it would change her life, she toldanbsp;...

Title:Muhammad's Revenge
Author:Keith G. Laufenberg - 2014-07-28


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