Multi-wavelength Analysis of Solar Transient Phenomena

Multi-wavelength Analysis of Solar Transient Phenomena

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Solar transient phenomena such as solar flares and coronal mass ejection are some of the most energetic and explosive phenomena affecting the solar environment. Emission signatures within solar flares provide direct insight into the physical mechanisms involved in the flaring process as well as the role the magnetic field topology plays in the energy release and particle transport within flares. Specifically, the work here addresses the temporal and spatial relationships between ultraviolet and hard X-ray flare emissions while also addressing the relationship between hard X-ray emission evolution in flares and the development of quasi-separatrix layers (QSLs) within the magnetic structure of the flaring region. As a final component, we address the implications of pre-event solar conditions such as magnetic configuration and flare productivity on the particle composition of solar energetic particle (SEP) events seen at 1AU. Specifically, we find that co-spatial and co-temporal UV and hard X-ray emission expected in 1-D loop flare models only account for a portion of the observed flare emission, and a complete explanation of the flaring process must take into account more complex and time-varying magnetic topologies along with contributions from multiple physical processes. Finally, we find, for particle events, that closed magnetic configurations at higher energies result in higher average Fe/O enhancements while the amount of open field and the active region appear to have no direct relationship to the observed SEP compositions.Once the corrected coordinates have been imported into a reference UV image, we use this reference image to align the remaining UV images through the use of the auto_align Jmages procedure for the complete set of 1600A observations.

Title:Multi-wavelength Analysis of Solar Transient Phenomena
Author:Aaron J. Coyner
Publisher:ProQuest - 2009


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