Multicriterion Analysis in Engineering and Management

Multicriterion Analysis in Engineering and Management

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Multicriterion Decision-Making (MCDM) can be perceived as a process of evaluating real-world situations based on various qualitative/quantitative criteria in certain/uncertain/risky environments in order to find a suitable course of action/choice/strategy/policy among the several available options. This book concentrates on the basic principles of multicriterion analysis and acquaints the reader with the recent trends in MCDM analysis. It explains the basics of Structured Decision-Making (SDM) and describes the various features of traditional optimization methods such as linear and non-linear programming, and dynamic programming, as well as non-traditional optimization methods such as genetic algorithms, differential evolution, and simulated annealing and quenching. The text elaborates the normalization methods, weight estimation methods and multiobjective optimization methods both in traditional and non-traditional environments. Classification approaches with cluster validation indices, discrete MCDM methods both in deterministic and fuzzy approach and group decision-making methods are discussed in detail. Advanced topics in decision-making such as data envelopment analysis, Taguchi methodology, ant colony optimization, and particle swarm optimization are also covered --Publisher's descriptionMCDM methods are classified into four groups, i.e., distance, outranking, priority / utility and mixed. ... PROMETHEE-2 (Preference Ranking Organisation METHod of Enrichment Evaluation) is classified under outranking category and usesanbsp;...

Title:Multicriterion Analysis in Engineering and Management
Author:Dasika Nagesh Kumar
Publisher:PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. - 2010


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