Multiple Intelligences in Practice

Multiple Intelligences in Practice

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The theory of multiple intelligences (MI) shows that there is much more to intelligence than high IQ, good spelling or quick mental maths - in fact there's a whole variety of ways to be clever, including musically, verbally, interpersonally, kinaesthetically and naturalistically. Multiple Intelligences is a powerful tool that helps you to appreciate and enrich the talents of all your learners, whatever their age. Creating an understanding of MI in schools has been shown to improve pupils' self-esteem, self-motivation and independence, and to help underachievers realize their potential. The book includes: - explanations of the different intelligences - activities to explore MI with your learners - practical ways to build MI into everyday teaching - how to use MI to personalize learning - creating an MI-friendly learning environment - case studies showing successful MI practice. This accessible guide gives a clear introduction to MI and provides concrete examples of how you can use it in your teaching.learning environment 78a€”86, 118 affirmations 83 classroom areas 83, 86 Fleetham esteem board 78a€”80 floor plan 86 ... 82 teaching strategies 91 thinking skills 107 mathematical intelligence see logical/mathematical intelligence MEDIATEanbsp;...

Title:Multiple Intelligences in Practice
Author:Mike Fleetham
Publisher:A&C Black - 2006-04-13


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