Multiple Job Offers in 10 Days!

Multiple Job Offers in 10 Days!

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There are hundreds of books that promise to assess your strengths and qualifications, find you the right job and/or career, even help you knock 'em dead at the interview. None of them, however, focus on the single most important aspect of your job search: how to generate significant interest in your application. Instead, you get the perfect game plan for sitting around, waiting for someone to quit, get fired or die! Multiple Job Offers in 10 Days! will show you how to generate outrageous interest in you! Why hasn't anyone told you this before? Because it is hard! Written in plain English and peppered with interesting anecdotes, this book offers a completely unique approach to the entire job-search process. Written with irreverence, Price dispels the myths of looking for work. He walks you, step-by-step, through the minefield of job-search mistakes, teaching you exactly how to present yourself as the Number One Candidate for the job. Even more importantly, he tells you where to find those jobs! If you have looked for work in the last few years, you know it's not as easy as it was in the late 90s when the dot com boom was handing itinerate field workers cushy desk jobs at GBP30 an hour! Don't waste another day posting your dull, unimpressive CV to a job board where yours and 3 million other CVs are going to be scanned by a robot! Find out what should be in your CV, how your covering letter will negotiate your salary before you even get a call and where to send your CV to generate Multiple Job Offers in 10 Days!Can you imagine if you went to the doctor and he told you that you had a 3 percent chance of living out the week? Youa#39;d go ... They are paying that recruiter to make the effort to locate the candidates, screen them, and then arrange for the initial interviews with company hiring managers. This type of ... The second type of recruiter, and the type that you are much more likely to encounter, is a contingency.

Title:Multiple Job Offers in 10 Days!
Author:Jonathan R. Price
Publisher:Career Press - 2006-11


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