Murder and the Reasonable Man

Murder and the Reasonable Man

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Sufism isIslama€™s main mystical tradition. There are Sufi orders in almost all Muslimcountries around the world, but not all Sufis accept the same beliefs andpractices. Mystical Islam offers an introduction thatencompasses the full history and richness of the Sufi spiritual tradition overfourteen centuries of Islam. Thisaccessible work covers the origins of Sufism and early influences, particularlyfrom Christianity; the rise of the great Sufi organizations; the thought of Sufisma€™smain theorist and systemizer, Ibn Arabi; Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes;relations with Shia€™ism in Iran; Sufism in the heyday of the great empires inIran, India, and Turkey; and relations with Turkey and Egypt during thenineteenth century as well as Sufi practices in the twentieth century. In a new afterword, the author reflects onrecent scholarship and offers fresh perspectives on this fascinating traditionof belief and devotion.The officers might have foreseen that shattering the drivera#39;s side car window with an unconscious or sleeping person inside the car on ... If they had done this, they would have learned that someone from the family was on the way with an extra set of car keys to open the car door. One wonders why the officers did not attempt to use a coat hanger or other device to get into the car without frightening Tyisha.

Title:Murder and the Reasonable Man
Author:Cynthia Lee
Publisher:NYU Press - 2007-10-01


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