Murder In Her Dreams

Murder In Her Dreams

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Cassie Blake lives with guilt because she failed to heed her dreams and a young girl died. Now, a year later a handsome man and a vicious feral rabbit haunt her dreams. She has no idea of the man's identity. At first she dismisses the dream as ridiculous, that is, until she discovers the man is real.Because Justin sat in the main reception area, MaryLou made sure he kept his desk neat and his personal items out of view. ... He picked up the earring and turned it over. ... He hoped for some clue that would make it obvious Justin or Bert had another identity, but for the life of him, he could not imagine what that clue might be. ... It held paper, pens, paper clips, rubber stamps, and elastic bands.

Title:Murder In Her Dreams
Author:Nell DuVall - 2014-05-23


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