Murder in the Women's Studies Department

Murder in the Women's Studies Department

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Dr. Tweechig Haroutunian Whisper chaired her small private liberal arts college's Women's Studies Department in the division of Behavioral Sciences until she decided to teach online from home, design a new women's studies curriculum, and broadcast a talk show on her college's Internet audio worldwide to celebrate convergence. Little did she know at first that this would lead to moonlighting teamwork in a new career as a private investigator on an adventure filled with more mystery than mystique. This time, Tweechig took the investigative approach by broadcasting her research on Internet audio around the world hunting for adventure and a team partner. Refusing to retire on command and flaunting white hair tucked under a baseball cap that read, qSixty-Plus, So Give Me My Senior Discount Already!q Tweechig eagerly taught her Women's Studies courses online at home without having to utter a word in front of a class. A burst of pounding fired from her door. Pickles, her Siamese cat leapt from a chair and scurried behind the bed. Groggy and outraged, Tweechig leapt out of a pre-work nap in the blackness and slipped on a book she had tossed on the floor next to her bed. She skidded into the wall and went down hard. The pounding grew louder as she fumbled for the lamp switch. Doctor Tweechig Haroutunian Whisper's eyes ached at the light's brilliance. This time, the mystery in the Women's Studies Department would be murder to solve.Gene stuck the small, round tracking device under the back seat and clicked the button. It gave off a pulsing signal. Marz fixed his gaze on his colleague, Millen and Tweechig until the car pulled up beside a shoddy, adult motel. ... Marz registered while the others waited in the back parking lot next to a vending machine.

Title:Murder in the Women's Studies Department
Author:Anne Hart
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-03-01


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