Murphy's Laws of Songwriting

Murphy's Laws of Songwriting

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Revised 2013 About the Book Achieving qhit writerq status has always been a formidable goal for any songwriter. Never more so however than in the 21st century. Catching the ear of the monumentally distracted, fragmented listener has never been more difficult. Getting their attention, inviting them in to your song and keeping them there for long enough for your song to become qtheir songq requires more than being just a qgoodq songwriter. Murphy's Laws of Songwriting qThe Bookq arms the songwriter for success by demystifying the process and opening the door to serious professional songwriting. Hall of fame songwriter Paul Williams said in his review of the book qIf there was a hit songwriters secret handshake Da Murphy would probably have included it.q About the Author Ralph Murphy, songwriter, has been successful for five decades. Consistently charting songs in an ever-changing musical environment makes him a member of that very small group of professionals who make a living ding what they love to do. Add to that the platinum records as a producer, the widely acclaimed Murphy's Laws of Songwriting articles used as part of curriculum at colleges, universities, and by songwriter organizations, his success as the publisher and co-owner of the extremely successful Picalic Group of Companies and you see a pattern of achievement based on more than of the most notable soft rhymes was in the songa€œwind Beneath My wingsa€ where the writers, Jeff Silbar and Larry henley, actually managed to make a€œheroa€ and ... Many years ago writers were judged by the quality of their rhyme scheme. hard rhyme was king. even today there are many successful writers who will agonize over a rhyme until they find the perfect word to make the hard rhyme. 4.

Title:Murphy's Laws of Songwriting
Author:Ralph Murphy
Publisher:Murphy's Laws of Songwriting - 2013-04-01


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