My Experiences in Astrology

My Experiences in Astrology

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Dr. B.V. Raman's elucidation of his qMy Experiences in Astrologyq, as he calls them, is a fascinating chronology of his exceedingly interesting experiences in a sphere in which he commenced to function with remarkable spontaneity at an amazingly early stage. His vast erudition and superior scholarship in the science of astrology have elevated him to the pinnacle of fame evoking the esteem and regard of eminent thinker of international fame.The dazzling astrological convention at Bangalore in December 1983 portrayed the singular adulation which Dr. Raman had earned for himself through undaunted resolution, power of performance and unabated dedication to study, research and dissemination through a multitude of titles. The Saga discloses Dr. Raman's proud inheritance of distinction and pre-eminence from an ancient and noble family which shone in the blaze and braved the vicissitudes of tempestuous times in the history of our country. The tutelage of the benevolent aristocrat, the renowned Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao was the most glorious dispensation of Providence which endowed Dr. Raman with abundant wisdom, robust common-sense, capacity for accurate ratiocination and logical deduction. The grandson's firm faith in the efficacy of the mahamantras emanated from the same source. My association with Dr. Raman, during a long tract of more than four decades, generated a rapport of inestimable value flowing from a manifestation of a plurality of rare attributes including those of intellect and intellects, which have projected him as one of our respected representative men aided at all times, in his pursuits by coordination from Mrs. Rajeswari Raman in the riches measure. And that is what has persuaded thisHe wanted to know how long he would live. ... from Tamil classics explaining to me the several permutations and combinations of what he called sevvai dosham or the ... I was eager to get a good knowledge of Sanskrit, Kannada and English.

Title:My Experiences in Astrology
Author:Dr S.P Bhagat
Publisher:Dr S.P Bhagat -


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