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* Having picked up the sword of the Crusader in my last novel a€œA PINT-SIZED WHISPERERa€ exposing the scandalous pressure applied to pregnant women to terminate their foetus after being told their unborn babies were likely to be suffering with the dreaded Downa€™s Syndrome, I now lighten up. Although a€œA PINT-SIZED WHISPERERa€ was commercially received successfully and questions raised in the House of Commons which rebuked certain sections of the NHS, I now return to my genre of easy-reading fiction. * MY FAIR ELIZA is a light-hearted parody of Alan Jay Wernera€™s book and George Bernard Shawa€™s evergreen musical show My Fair Lady. * It is more than that. It is a heartfelt tribute to those dedicated people, they used to call crimpers, who couple their dexterity with brush, comb and scissors with a friendliness that keep us amused and entertained while we are sat shrouded by a voluminous sheet in their salon chairs.Father Dominic was waiting outside with the engine of his front-wheel drive Ford Escape SUV growling gently outside the front door of the Pride of ... The priest smiled as he laid down the guide-lines: a#39;We can dispense the a€œFathera€a€”you are part of the family this weekend. ... gently to a halt opposite the statue of Bill Clinton commemorating the golfing visit of the American president to Ballybunion in 2009.

Title:MY FAIR Eliza
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-03-27


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