My Father's Day Gift

My Father's Day Gift

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Inspirational Fiction When given full freedom, many men will piddle. So it is for middle-aged college professor Adam Cherry on Fathera€™s Day. Alone for the day on his newly purchased horse farm in the Midwest, his two daughters and wife away or abroad, Adam finds excitement in an entire day to piddle awaya€”his Fathera€™s Day gift to himself. But this day is one of challenges and interruptions. And each one helps him understand what Fathera€™s Day is truly about. As Adam navigates his Fathera€™s Day, the fatherly influences of seven male role models reveal themselves in the choices he makes, or avoids, and in the behavior he reveals. As the day winds down, he finds himself recalling his own father, and one particularly memorable Fathera€™s Day many years ago. Through it all, the love Adam has found in his newfound rugged farm lifestyle shines through. He shares his passion and struggles as he learns to train horses, fish in his own pond, fix farm equipment, abate snakes, and wield a chainsaw. Though once resistant to his wifea€™s push to buy the farm, Adam comes to realize that he wanted it, or even needed it, as much as she did. Ita€™s the simple joy he finds in rural life which reveals the man that his role models have made him. Adama€™s voice is warm and likeable, and remarkably honest. This is a man seeing himself with clear eyes, with crudeness, impatience, recklessness, and anger intact. The edges are rough and the man is naked. It may not be pretty, but in a very real way, it is beautiful. My Fathera€™s Day Gift is a tribute to the importance of male role modelsa€•fatherly influencesa€•in the demonstrable character of a man. The influence comes not from lengthy conversations or direct instruction, but the distinct and impressionable moments in everyday interactions. Author David Andrews includes a preface that explains his reasons for writing such a story. His two appendices include a short list of the top ten ways to acknowledge the meaningful mentors in your life, including your father. The second appendix is a vital list of fathering and mentoring resources. My Fathera€™s Day Gift is a salute not only to fathers everywhere, but to Fathera€™s Day itself. But Andrews wrote this novel fundamentally for his own father, who passed away only five weeks after reading it. This book is published in his memory. In Praise of My Fathera€™s Day Gift qMy Father's Day Gift is magic. Incredibly well written and compelling, it will have you remembering those in your life who saw something in you before you saw it in yourself. That's what it did for me. Read it. Relish it. Share it.q a€•Wes Moore, bestselling author of The Other Wes Moore a€œIn this thoughtful and compelling story, youa€™ll be reminded of your father and of your fatherly influences. Youa€™ll also find yourself wanting, more than ever, to be the best father you can be.a€ a€•Christopher Brown, President, National Fatherhood Initiative qIn this inspiring book, Andrews reminds us that it is the accumulation of seemingly small events that shape our deepest affections and values. For anyone who ever spent precious time with a young person and wondered if it made a difference, this book provides a compelling answer. Given its timeless life lessons, this is a book for the ages, not just for all ages!q a€•Brit Kirwan, Chancellor of the University System of Maryland; Former President, University of Maryland, College Park; and Former President, Ohio State University a€œAs the mother of boys, Ia€™ve had the privilege of watching them think and feel their way through so many situations from a unique boya€™s perspective. The societal landscape for boys and girls is different, and their differing perceptions of themselves is also gender influenced. In these stories, I could see many threads from childhood to manhood. I laughed, cried, smiled, and sighed all the way to the end of this book. It is quietly very powerful. Thank you, Dr. Andrews, for sharing it with mea€•ita€™s a true gift.a€ a€•Susan Magsamen, Award winning Writer, and Founder of Curiosityville a€œOver the decades wea€™ve known each other, Ia€™ve read many things that the author wrote. I read his prospectuses, his drafts of articles, and many of his publications. Ia€™ve read proposals, reports, and summaries of our work together. Over those decades, Ia€™ve been continually impressed by the improvements in his writing, but he obviously had one major surprise waiting for me with My Father's Day Gift. I had no idea that he had the ability to communicate so much emotion and meaning in so many wonderful, artfully chosen words and phrases. Ia€™ve never read a book twice in my entire lifetime, but this is going to be a first.a€ a€• Dr. Murray Krantz, Professor, Family a Child Sciences, Florida State Universitythe smell has diminished. Another ... The odor in the house lingers, even though Ia#39; m pretty sure that nothing else inside has been contaminated. ... Regardless, I Google a€œremoving skunk odora€ withthepointer finger of my odorless right hand.

Title:My Father's Day Gift
Author:David Andrews
Publisher:Bancroft Press - 2014-03-15


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