My Footprint

My Footprint

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Jeff Garlin shares his hysterical and eye-opening journey to reduce his waistline and his carbon footprint during the production of the seventh season of HBOa€™s Curb Your Enthusiasm Jeff Garlin has dedicated the filming of an entire season of Curb Your Enthusiasm to completely making over his lifestyle in two major waysa€”by lightening his physical and his ecological footprints. After many false starts, he believes that writing a book about the experiment is the only possible way to help him lose weight and go green. The hardest part of the endeavor is overcoming his food addictiona€”especially when craft service has a constant buffet of everything delicious you could imagine on set. In addition to cutting calories, Jeff accidentally falls into a love affair with pilates, sweats with Richard Simmons, and twice visits the Pritikin Longevity Center, which he says is qrehab for people who eat too much pizza.q Larry Davida€™s rooting for him. Jerry Seinfelda€™s plotting against him. And his wife is just plain annoyed by everything. As far as going green, Jeff has always been a big recycler, but he has a lot to learn. For example, actor Ed Begley Jr. is the guy to call if you want to reduce your environmental impact. Jeff does, and it changes everything. He hopes that being healthy and green becomes a big part of who he isa€”if not now, when?Once your body gets used to the lack of salt and sugar, your taste buds come alive. The food (created by Chef ... When I go out to dinner, I have to remember to ask the waiter to make sure that there is no added salt or Ia#39;m screwed. Also, when I go to Pritikin, ... getting in an elevator with a patient, who had just come back from the grocery store, carrying a bag filled with a bunch of crap. And when the doctoranbsp;...

Title:My Footprint
Author:Jeff Garlin
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-04-03


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