My Greatest Challenge

My Greatest Challenge

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a€œ911, what emergency situation do you wish to report, please?a€ a€œYes, uhma€”I think I need to go to a hospital to be checked out. I was just getting ready for bed, and all of a sudden I found myself waking up, on the floor.a€ a€œDo you think you had a heart attack?a€ a€œIa€™m not surea€”Ia€™m not having any chest pain.a€ a€œOkay, we will have an ambulance there shortly. Is the door unlocked?a€ a€œNo, ita€™s locked. Ia€™ll answer the door.a€ a€œYou might wish to go ahead and unlock it. That way they can get in if they need to.a€ a€œOkay, will do.a€ The rescue personnel recommend a place called the a€œMAC Centera€ (Mercy Hospital Ambulatory Care). It is only a couple of miles away. There they can do tests and recommend an appropriate hospital. As a police scanner listener, I am familiar with the transport procedure used by rescue personnel. What I hear the ambulance personnel say over their radio mike as the ambulance starts moving therefore sounds surreal to me. a€œWea€™re en route to the MAC center with a forty-eight-year-old male patient, starting mileage is a€ba€ I cana€™t believe that this time, I am the patient! Very scary thought.On April 16th, I was working from home due to having to be online for work at 5: 30AM for an implementation. ... I have never been inside the shopping center where the phone repair center was located before, preferring to shop mostly online.

Title:My Greatest Challenge
Author:Frank Kienast
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2015-04-07


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