My Green Green Grass

My Green Green Grass

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From the age of twelve, Jerri had burning desires to hang out with friends. She watched as other children her age got involved in a€œstreet activities, a€ which she longed to be a part of. Jerria€™s parents gave their only daughter the attention and love required, but that was not enough for Jerri. Then at age of fourteen, fate created an opportunity for her to fulfill her desires, and so Jerri took hold of it like a piece of cake. Jerria€™s dad warned her of her involvement in the gang: a€œDarling, the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.a€ a€œDad, since you put it that way, this is my a€˜green, green grass, a€™ and I am going to enjoy it.a€ But it was not long before Jerria€™s a€œgreen grassa€ began to give her emotional diarrhea and involved cheating death. Follow Jerri as she relates her heart-rending story to her flatmate, Andrea. And I am sure that this story will change your life.Linnet Brown. I did not reply. The anger swelled within me, and I felt like telling them, to shout in my loudest voice. ... a€œKeep out of my face, or you will not have your hair on in a minute, a€ I replied, feeling very angry with them for gloating about something that caused me so ... An apple withoutjuice is a withered apple, and no good, a€ said Peter. a€œGet out ofmy face.Are you threatening me, Peter?a€ I asked. a€œNoanbsp;...

Title:My Green Green Grass
Author:Linnet Brown
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-10-10


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