My Husband's Wife

My Husband's Wife

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My Husbanda€™s Wife showcases the portal of a distorted husband, two loving wives, and three soon-to-be-shattered lives. When Dr. Reynolds said a€œI do, a€ he meant it both times. He married Katie Morgana€”the sassy, unsuccessful, hateful blonde seven days, fourteen hours, six minutes, and thirteen seconds before he wedded Courtney Byrda€”the ambitious entrepreneur who has everything including an Ivy League education, thin waist, and a Colgate smile. Erick Reynolds, who poses as Eric (E-R-I-C) Reynolds and Erik (E-R-I-K) Reynolds, has been medically characterized as a dejected schizophrenic case. Disintegration of thought and auditory hallucinations, mixed with paranoia and bizarre delusions doesna€™t stop Erick from molding himself into the image of a wealthy dentist to capture the hearts of his two wives. Just as Erick was becoming comfortable with his position as the perfect husband, Courtney mistakenly fumbles across information leading straight to the other Mrs. Dr. Erick Reynolds. The wives then painfully discover their colonial brick style homes share the same zip code, their five-carat diamond wedding rings were cut from the same jeweler, and theya€™re married to the exact same man: a calculated imposter who led them both to believe he was placed on this earth to love, honor, and cherish until death does them part... Once all of Ericka€™s secrets are uncovered, he ends his fraudulent life in front of Katie and Courtney, leaving them both to face a lifetime full of humiliation, confusion, and pain.Hea#39;ll probably throw me onto the bed, strangle me, and make love to my corps after my heart stopped. This man is sick! ... I was about to make mad passionate love to my husband, but first, I had some explaining of my own to do. I turned myanbsp;...

Title:My Husband's Wife
Author:Nick Haskins
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-03-08


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