My Kidney Transplant

My Kidney Transplant

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In 2010, I received a kidney transplant from a living donor after being diagnosed with...actually, I don't know. And neither do the doctors. But that doesn't mean I can't use my platform as a writer to tell people about my experience and have a little fun along the way. This is a collection of essays I wrote before and after my transplant. I published it to educate readers about organ donation, bust myths about transplants, offer some inspiration for those going through the same things I did and to show how a good sense of humor can be the best medicine. What's inside: PRE-TRANSPLANT A Significant Day Waiting and More Waiting 10 Surprising Facts About Kidney Transplants I Learned While Waiting for One Found: One Kidney POST-TRANSPLANT Adjusting The Good and Bad of Anti-Rejection Meds Side Effects of Side Effects of Side Effects Putting Off My Annual Physical Nearly Killed Me 4 Reasons You Wona€™t Wake Up in an Ice Bath Missing a Kidney - and 1 You Might Kidney Transplants on TV Maynard Soloman vs. The Kidney Thieves (Fiction)Then I used the leftovers to fix up your RV. Didna#39;t you notice the workers in here?a€ Well, Ia#39;ll be dipped. Sure as shit, the place looks brand new. My RVa#39;s been resurrected from the dead. There arena#39;t gaping holes in the floor. The windowsanbsp;...

Title:My Kidney Transplant
Author:Benjamin Sobieck
Publisher:Benjamin Sobieck - 2015-03-31


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