My Life: The Journey to Here

My Life: The Journey to Here

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a€œMy Life: The journey to herea€ is a story about lifea€™s challenges while growing up in Jamaica W.I. Being constantly exposed to guns and peer pressure and trying to find creative ways to stay out of trouble. After graduating from high school and still having no idea what to do to make a living or which career path to choose. Learning a trade and was a means of self employment for a couple years before migrating to the United States. In the United States working in retail management while chasing dreams in the music industry but it seemed as if he chose all the wrong people to work with or did he? Whether he did or not, he just could not achieve his desired success in the music industry. He tried several different things even with business partners but nothing seemed to work out. This made him question himself a€“ am I a loser or a quitter? With all the frustrations and uncertainty he continued hustling below the radar while trying to have some fun along the way...We perfected our back flips and got creative with it. ... James, Ben and I were the only ones in our community who knew how to do back flips. ... Then we did a bum some, which was flipping backwards without our hands touching the ground.

Title:My Life: The Journey to Here
Author:Brasford Love
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-04-03


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