My Little Blue Book of Project Management

My Little Blue Book of Project Management

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My Little Blue Book of project management presents a concise and succinct guide for managing projects at home, work, or leisure. It is, indeed, a little blue book. Both personal and corporate projects can benefit from the contents of the book, although the primary focus is on personal projects at home. We tend to be more organized at work than we are at home. Thus, a book focusing on applying project management at home is very much needed. The essential elements of project management are presented in My Little Blue of Project Management, where the common thread for managing any type of project, both big and small, is the personal commitment of the humans to the project at hand. Regardless of the efficacy of the computer tools and analytic techniques available for project management, the underlying foundation for success, in the premise of this book, is personal commitment. If the most effective tools are not used promptly and properly, no amount of wishful practices and corrective actions can make a precarious project successful. My Little Blue Book of project management advocates preempting project problems through advance planning, organizing, resource allocation, scheduling, and control of project activities. For ease of reference, My Little Blue Book of Project Management is organized in seven topical areas of What, Why, Who, Where, When, Which, and How.Yes, you can be a self-actuating project manager to get things done at the level you never thought possible. Project ... A charter can also be used by the sponsor to provide general direction for the project and delineate requirements.

Title:My Little Blue Book of Project Management
Author:Deji Badiru
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-03


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