My Name Is Aaron Rutherford

My Name Is Aaron Rutherford

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A child's life can be transformed by the people he or she holds the most dearest to their heart. However, when a child is not given the opportunity to experience the world as any normal adult, the results and the damages it brings can be devastating. Having no proper guidance and love, Aaron, was a child who explored his world, discovered his family, and lived through physical and sexual abuse in a small village. He grew older never to understand the meaning of love, his rights to free will, and his rights to get an education. He was denied everything that was possible under the sun. The world was unkind to Aaron as he searched diligently and effortlessly within himself to find the answers that would right his many wrongs and put an end to his tireless struggles. It seemed everywhere that Aaron turned there was a road block that prevented him from moving forward in his life. Throughout his childhood, Aaron could not understand what he has done to deserve and live through his painful experiences suffering fear, ridicule from strangers and neglect from his own family. Aaron would eventually get older to remember and reflect on all the experiences that occurred in his past. Though these experiences have shaped him into the person he is today, he has dealt with it accordingly by suppressing all the pain and burying it deep within his soul. Still impacted by the roadblocks and malice he encountered through his stay in the village, Aaron has used his experiences as motivation to improve his condition in life. He has become a survivor of death, slavery and abuse but in the end he will never stop to exceed people's expectations of a child who at one point didn't have a way of being successful in this world. The evil in many people's hearts has caused tremendous damage to this young child's self esteem but his fight, passion and focus to become someone has embedded a desire in himself to overcome all odds and have a name in this world that will never be forgotten. Lloyd N. MoffattNow that we lived at the great house, we have it fresh on Fridays. Before ... The bags that were used to cover the meat did not stop the smell from escaping from the bag. On my ... The hot water will help to kill the bad odor, a€ she said. I put theanbsp;...

Title:My Name Is Aaron Rutherford
Author:Errol Shaw
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-01-01


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