My Observations Of, And Experiences With Leadership In Management

My Observations Of, And Experiences With Leadership In Management

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INTRODUCTION All of my life, I have wondered why some people are leaders and others are not. This book is sort of an analysis of the relationship between employee, supervisor, manager and leader. In the 1970's, I had the pleasure of working out of a Pan Am training department office at JFK airport, NY, with a fellow who I qobservedq as having qualities of leadership. I often thought had he been an officer in the trenches, and called qlet's goq, his men, without hesitation, would follow him qover the topq. He was in management at Pan Am as a Maintenance Technical Instructor. I was conducting classes in management development. Of course, he wasn't a CEO or Vice President, probably because he did not have the necessary formal education, but to me he represented the qualities I would hope to find in those positions. He planned his work, set goals and clearly communicated them to individuals or groups. He comfortably reflected a style of knowledgeable, but modest, self confidence. With a pleasant personality, he seemed to earn the trust of others. It was always evident he had prepared himself through experience and study of the subject he was teaching. I don't know why, but to me, as I saw him perform his work, he was the natural qleaderq 14 JOHN STEARNS type. Even though there were several other well qualified instructors in the group, this instructor, John Romaine, came to mind as I prepared to write this book on the subject of leadership in management. I am aware of the many books, courses, and other materials on the subject of management, and I have read many of them, but I believe in using my personal experiences and observations, with the experience of others, it will make clear the difference between qmanagersq and those who are qleaders in managementq. MY OBSERVATIONS OF, AND EXPERIENCES WITH LEADERSHIP IN MANAGEMENT 15 It is not my intention to write this as a qpersonal careerq story and therefore, references to my personal experiences are only to be considered as they relate to the subject and not necessarily in chronological order. In writing this book I am motivated by three thoughts- First-most of my life I have mentally noted the differences in styles, manners, and methods of peoples' relationships with others. And then I found that in my working experience I had several opportunities to highlight and explore those items. Secondly-In recent years, the emphasis on selecting leaders has grown. It seems that everyone is always seeking a good leader-tribes, organizations, companies and countries, and too often, when one is selected there follows disappointment. And thirdly, it is helpful to recall the pleasure of working with men and women who were instrumental in accomplishing much that contributed to our society. 16 JOHN STEARNS It is also a recognized fact that there are many in management positions that have made and/ or are making great differences in the lives of people. So in this book instances will be noted in which men and women represent the various styles and manners of leadership in management and make note of the qualities that make some more leaders than others. This book is written as an qobservationq, with the hope it might encourage people holding management positions to reflect on their style and methods of communicating with others. Opening conclusions: (1) many organizations, with good purpose and intention, find themselves managed so poorly that others live at a disadvantage and unhappiness. (2) In too many instances large companies have had such poor management that millions of people have been hurt financially and otherwise and (3) In many countries on all continents, people find themselves searching for good leaders and when they don't, the results are friction and in many instances, bloodshed. So, my question is, what is it about management and leadership that is so difficult for some men and women to accept and practice? What is the difference between a Manager and a LeadManagement Development/Supervisory Training over most of my career. I was also fortunate to have had an opportunity to attend a a€œsystemsa€ convention in Philadelphia, a seminar at Columbia University in New York, and several conferencesanbsp;...

Title:My Observations Of, And Experiences With Leadership In Management
Author:John Stearns
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-03-05


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