My Own

My Own

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Maggie is a modern-day loving wife and mother. She has gone through circumstances that are tearing her happy life apart. Even with the help of her sister, Maggie's survival and that of her family now depends on her. To succeed, this loving woman must learn how to shoot a gun to protect her loved ones. The only thing that stands between her and death is a man in the shadows. She believes she is on My Own, and has no idea that this man with a strong sense of obligation is waiting to help.a€œThey have been charged with reckless driving and driving under the influence, other than that, nothing.a€ a€œWhat! What about what they did to me?a€ a€œThey said that they were trying to help you, and you stabbed him with a pen.a€ a€œWhat! Trying toanbsp;...

Title:My Own
Author:JC Knight
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing Rights Agency - 2014-04-24


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