My “Plane” Truth

My “Plane” Truth

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On January 21, 2006, my husband Terry and I were enjoying a relaxing couples massage during a romantic getaway and five hours later we were experiencing 15 terrifying minutes of uncertainty as to whether we would live or die. Our single engine plane had suddenly lost all its power. In those moments of uncertainty, flashing before me was my life... What had I done? What would I miss? And most importantly what was the meaning of those blue eyes that superimposed themselves over Terry's eyes ... minutes before we crashed? The physical and emotional healing was intense, humbling and gratifying while the spiritual path that I had been catapulted onto was certainly uplifting and unfamiliar to me. All my life my soul had been gently nudging me towards my true purpose, now it was hitting me over the head with the messages of ... Love more... have less, simplify your life. Love and forgive myself and others unconditionally. This true story is of my spiritual transformation that took me from having the illusion that all my material accomplishments was all there was for a fulfilling life: to knowing that life was and had already been planned for me, by me well before I incarnated into this body. Surviving this plane crash was only a catalyst towards me fulfilling my true purpose in life. Having a clean slate to begin all over with is a daunting task. Being 47, now widowed and starting over was a daunting task. My faith as about to be tested big time. For from tragedy comes triumph. Having found the owner of 'those eyes' I know I have more work and a much higher purpose in life to fulfill. It took a life threatening and frightening plane crash to make me see the truth... my plane truth. It's truly been a humbling experience and one I consider to be a gift and not a tragedy. The hardest part was simply looking in the mirror and uncovering all my masks that I had thought were protecting me, but in fact were keeping me from knowing my true self.I had had severe abdominal pains all day, but was far too busy to pay them much notice. By the time we ... I spent about four days in the hospital before I was released with orders not to do anythinga€”for six weeks! Did they not ... Ia#39;m certain that it was due to one of my doctors having inserted a copper IUD into my uterus without removing the old one. I had not yet ... In the mid-1980s, the cost of IVF was around $15, 000 per shot, and the success rate was less than 5 percent. For the nextanbsp;...

Title:My “Plane” Truth
Author:Jill Douglas
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-02-17


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