My Sweet Wild Dance

My Sweet Wild Dance

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You've never met anyone like Chris. This is the inspiring true story of an extraordinary and courageous woman growing up in Scotland in the 1950s. Chris's father works hard at forcing his tomboy daughter to be a proper lady, but her attempts to fit in any kind of box are unsuccessful. Finding herself most at home as a barefoot hippie, Chris drops out of university, takes drugs, practices free love, and participates in anti-establishment demonstrations. Always questioning and searching, she tries on many personas, working in mechanics, farming and carpentry, living alone in remote places, and coming out as a lesbian. Healing work that revolves around her sexuality and her relationships opens her to unconditional love, while her profound bond with nature enables her to get in touch with a peace that stems from inside. As she gets older, her habitual anger gives way to compassion. Finally, dabbling in mysticism and miracles, she has a startling awakening that presents her with some remarkable answers. A truth-teller and an intrepid explorer, Chris travels through outer and inner worlds alike, facing her fears and finding love, with many varied and exciting adventures along the way. Her story will touch your heart and open your mind. Mikaya Heart is the author of a book on lesbianism, a book on orgasm, and a book on shamanism, as well as a variety of articles. She utilizes shamanic methods to help people access the vastness of being, and is always deeply delighted when her clients perceive their own magnificence. Since kitesurfing is her greatest passion, she has become the woman who follows the wind, making her home wherever she finds joy.The. Straight. Womana#39;s. Guide. to. Lesbianism. ISBN: 0-9615129-4-6 How do women know they are lesbians? How do they get to the place of deciding theya#39;re gay? And how does it change their lives? This short book is a down-to-earthanbsp;...

Title:My Sweet Wild Dance
Author:Mikaya Heart
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2009-09


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