My Teenage Werewolf

My Teenage Werewolf

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A veteran journalist navigates the mother-daughter relationship at its most crucial moment With the eye of a reporter, the curiosity of an anthropologist, and the open (and sometimes wounded) heart of a mother, award-winning author Lauren Kessler embeds herself in her about-to-be-teenage daughter's life. In seventh- and eighth-grade classrooms, at home, online, at the mall, and at summer camp, Kessler observes, investigates, chronicles- and participates in-the life of a twenty-first-century teen. As she begins to better understand and appreciate her mercurial daughter, their relationship-at first a mirror of the author's difficult relationship with her own mother-lurches in new directions. With the help of a resident teen expert (her daughter), as well as teachers, doctors, therapists, and other mothers, Kessler illuminates the age-old struggle from both sides, gracefully interweaving personal experience with journalistic inquiry. Funny, poignant, and insightful, My Teenage Werewolf explores the fascinating and scary world of today's teen as it comes to grips with the single most important relationship in a woman's life.They treat her kindly, indulge her like a little sister. I listen in, without seeming to, as they talk for fifteen mind-numbing minutes about earlobe stretching and the relative merits of hard-cartilage and soft-cartilage piercing. Lizzie has also found anbsp;...

Title:My Teenage Werewolf
Author:Lauren Kessler
Publisher:Penguin - 2010-08-05


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