My Virtual Escape from Reality

My Virtual Escape from Reality

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Ann Sunde wrote a guidebook that takes you on a journey into a virtual world. Her reality was crashing and she escaped within the Internet. Living four decades impervious to Michael Jackson she was hooked in by his death. It may have been her own mortality squirming when she heard the news of this icon's passing, one who had grown up during her lifetime. She fell into a world similar to Oz or Wonderland where things were never what they seemed. People seemed to talk jabberwocky as we were instructed to follow the yellow brick road and the white rabbit. This was her journey as she researched Michael Jackson on various search engines. She found others doing the same thing. They became engaged in what simulated an interactive mystery game. Was it a way to keep Michael Jackson alive or were there real clues in place pointing in the hoaxed death direction? Only time will tell. Ann Sunde's real world was a hologram of the U.S. in 2009. She had become a statistic in the unemployment figures and the home mortgage crisis. Her husband wanted a divorce. She could have spiraled into a depression or might have started drinking again, but with the discovery of Michael Jackson, she danced her way into losing twenty-five pounds, made friends from all over the globe, and was inspired by his faith and philanthropic ways.or A Guide to the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Community Ann Sunde. a pop star! A supposedly dead ... Jacksona#39;s death savedmy sanity. Leta#39;s face it.2008 and 2009 was ... I couldna#39;t escape this feeling of falling, though. The news ofMichaelanbsp;...

Title:My Virtual Escape from Reality
Author:Ann Sunde
Publisher:America Star Books - 2011-02-11


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