My Waffle Dreams

My Waffle Dreams

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In My Waffle Dreams, author Norman Rawlings shares an eclectic collection of both thought-provoking and light-hearted personal essays inspired by his life experiences, relationships, and loves. For Rawlings, clarity and epiphanies arrive like bolts of lightening; as he responds to his circumstances and describes what he has ventured out and found through self-discovery and reflection, he leads the way for others to do the same. As he takes a witty, whimsical look at love and relationships, he tackles the often hilarious differences between men and women, questioning why his date orders a salad for lunch and then eats half of his cheese fries. Rawlings shows a more serious, introspective side when he reminds us of good that comes from the sacrifices of others, challenges us to strengthen our character before it is too late, and teaches us to become more adaptable and open our heart to forgiveness. My Waffle Dreams presents a compelling collection of essays that encourages others to look at life in an entirely new way.... one of your a€œita#39;s just you guys not willing to ask for directionsa€ spiel, let me just tell you that we dona#39;t have a problem asking which way to go. ... the art GPS for our Ford Taurus and stop at every 7-11 and ask Abu for block by block instructions.

Title:My Waffle Dreams
Author:Norman Rawlings
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-03-08


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