Mysims - Mysims Agents Characters

Mysims - Mysims Agents Characters

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Source: Wikia. Pages: 47. Chapters: Alexa Lexington, Annie Radd, Barney Cull, Beebee, Brandi, Buddy, Chancellor Ikara, Chaz McFreely, Chef Gino Delicioso, Chef Hisao Watanabe, Clara Belle, Cyrus Boudreaux, DJ Candy qSupergroove, q Daryl Handsly, Derek, Dr. F, Elmira Clamp, Esma, Evelyn Gray, Faith Connors, Gertrude Spackle, Gonk, Gordon, Goth Boy, Hopper, Isaac Clarke, Ivy, Jenny, Justice, Leaf, Liberty, Luis, Luke, Lyndsay, Madame Zoe, Madison Gray, Makoto, Marlon, Master Aran, Michael Gray, Morcubus, Ms. Nicole Vogue, Ol' Gabby, Patrick Rhino, Paul Wisnewski, Petal, Pinky, Poppy, Preston Winthrop Esquire, Professor Nova, Ren e, Rhonda, Roger, Rosalyn P. Marshall, Roxie Road, Samurai Bob, Sapphire, Shirley, Sir Vincent Skullfinder, Skip Rogers, Spencer, Star, Summer, T.O.B.O.R., Tad qFlipperq McCaffrey, Taylor, Tim, Travis, Trevor Verily, Vic Vector, Violet Nightshade, Walker, Wendalyn, Yuki, Zack, Zombie Carl. Excerpt: Alexa Lexington is a geeky robot creator, and is also Dr. F's assistant who helped build T.O.B.O.R. Alexa's MySims SkyHeroes concept art drawn by MySims concept artist Genevieve Tsai. Annie Radd is a rock n' roll kind of girl. She loves music and to sing. She eventually started her own band. Barney Cull is a ship captain and harbormaster, who owns several boats, one of which he purchased from Ol' Gabby's junkyard. On your journey throughout the MySims Kingdom, he lends you the Royal Boat for you to travel from island to island. He appears in MySims SkyHeroes as an admiral and father of Mira Cull. Barney's MySims Kingdom concept art. Barney's MySims Agents concept art drawn by MySims Concept artist, Ben Seto. Beebee is the qbunny princess.q Almost every piece of her furniture has something to do with or resembles a bunny. She has curly pink hair and long floppy bunny ears on her head. She wears a dress skirt, and has sparkling greenish, blue eyes. Brandi is an excessive liar, a bully, and a prankster, causing trouble for your town and another ...Source: Wikia.

Title:Mysims - Mysims Agents Characters
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher:Books LLC, Wiki Series - 2011-10-28


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