Mysims - Mysims Kingdom

Mysims - Mysims Kingdom

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This book consists of articles from Wikia. Pages: 77. Chapters: Cheats, Islands, MySims Kingdom Characters, MySims Kingdom Characters, MySims Kingdom DS Essences, MySims Kingdom Essences, MySims Kingdom Game Aspects, Candypalooza, Capital Island, Cowboy Junction, Cutopia, Forest of the Elves, Isle of Magic, Ren e's Nature Preserve, Reward Island, Rocket Reef, Spookane, The Royal Academy, The Uncharted Isle, Trevor Island, Amy, Chaz McFreely, Chef Gino Delicioso, DJ Candy qSupergroove, q Dr. F, Dr. Nefario, Ellen, Emily, Hank, Hugh, Johnny, King Roland, Lily, Margaret, Martin, Mary, Richard, Roy, Sharon, Star Prince, Tim, Torajiro, Victoria, Alexa Lexington, Barney Cull, Buddy, Chaz McFreely, Chef Gino Delicioso, DJ Candy qSupergroove, q Dr. F, Duchess Beverly, Elmira Clamp, Ginny, Gonk, Gordon, Goth Boy, Grandma Ruthie, Hopper, King Roland, Leaf, Liberty, Linda, Lord Daniel, Lyndsay, Marlon, Morcubus, Ol' Gabby, Petal, Poppy, Princess Butter, Proto-Makoto, Ren e, Rosalyn P. Marshall, Roxie Road, Rusty, Sapphire, Sir Vincent Skullfinder, Spencer, Summer, Sylvia, T.O.B.O.R., Travis, Trevor Verily, Vic Vector, Violet Nightshade, Yuki, Zack, Zombie Carl, Alligators, Animals, Essences, Fishing, Freezer Bunny, Gears, Herding, Interests, Islands, Isle of Magic, King Points, Mana, Mining, Prospecting, Rabbits, Relationships, Royal Boat, Royal Wandolier, Royal Wandolier Trials, Scrolls, Sims, Socializing, Weed, You. Excerpt: These are cheats used to unlock outfits and blueprints. Candypalooza is an island the player unlocks on the map when Vic Vector goes into space on the rocket built by the player near the end of Rocket Reef and records the map of it on his cellphone for the player. The island's attractions include a stage which is being set up for DJ Candy Supergroove to play on by her producers Zack and Sapphire, a nice beach, and Candy's house. The island houses many crabs and has qcrab migration season, q which is when the crabs come out and crawl all over the island...This book consists of articles from Wikia.

Title:Mysims - Mysims Kingdom
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher:Books LLC, Wiki Series - 2011-11-04


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