Names of Jesus

Names of Jesus

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Names of Jesus and Their Meanings The Names of Jesus ebook is an excellent tool to help you learn the 50 names, character and personal attributes of Jesus. Names such as the King of Kings, Chief Cornerstone, and Lion of Judah hold special insights that will strengthen your walk as a believer. In about 30 minutes, you will know the 50 Names of Jesus along with Scripture references from both the Old and New Testament, the meaning of each name, and more. Knowing and understanding the names of Jesus will enrich your time of personal devotion and prayer, and will help you build faith and trust in the Lord. In this easy-to-follow ebook each of Jesus' names and its meaning is listed, along with the Bible reference and special insights. For example, in John 6:32-35, Jesus is called the qBread of Life, which means qJesus is our sustenance.q An interesting fact is that the name of the town where Jesus was born, Bethlehem, means qthe house of bread.q This means the qBread of Lifeq (Jesus) was born in qthe house of breadq (Bethlehem). Below is a sampling of the Names of Jesus: a€cKing of Kings a€cLord of Lords a€cGood Shepherd a€cChief Cornerstone a€cAdvocate a€cThe Way, the Truth, and the Life a€cI AM a€cWonderful Counselor a€cHigh Priest In addition to explaining the names of Jesus and their meanings, the Names of Jesus ebook offers suggestions on how to use this resource during times of prayer, praise, worship and personal reflection, including: a€cWhat it means to pray in Jesus' name a€cPraying the way Jesus taught us to pray a€cWhen God says qnoq to our prayers The Names of Jesus ebook also includes names of God with parallel verses referring to Jesus such as: a€cYahweh-Yireh, qGod Will Provide, q and qI am the bread of life, q (John 6:35) a€cYahweh-Tsidkanu, qThe Lord Our Righteousness, q and qBecause of Jesus, we are righteous before God, q (2 Corinthians 5:21) The Names of Jesus ebook is filled with interesting information on Jesus that will help you learn more about Him and increase your appreciation of Him. You are sure to refer to this resource often as you study the Bible and learn more about Jesus. The Names of Jesus ebook is an excellent complement to classes offered by Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) International as well as a good supplement to the following titles: a€c Beth Moore, Jesus a€cBill Hybels, Jesus a€cCharles Swindoll, Great Lives: Jesus the Greatest Life of All a€cPhillip Yancy, The Jesus I Never Knew Note: BIBLE STUDY FELLOWSHIP is a registered trademark of a ministry organization having no affiliation with Rose Publishing, Inc.. Topical Index: King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Good Shepherd, Chief Cornerstone, The Way, The Truth, and the Life, Advocate, I AM, Wonderful Counselor, High Priest, Holy One, Alpha and Omega, Mighty God, Morning Star, Lion of Judah, Son of God, Son of Man, Rock, Immanuel, BelovedTabernacle, Temple, Feasts of Israel For Bible Studies, Small Groups, New Member Classes Glossy, full color, 14a€“page pamphlets with hundreds of facts. Popular New Testament Topics Tabernacle Shows the furnishings, garments, and symbols that point to Jesus. Many full color charts and diagrams 9781890947996 Armor of God Shows each piece of the armor and how it relates to our faith and ... 24 reasons of What Christianity abstinence: 12 biblical and 12 medical and emotional.

Title:Names of Jesus
Author:Rose Publishing
Publisher:Rose Publishing Inc - 2013-12-10


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