Nannie Eva

Nannie Eva

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Eva LAcon is a healer in the fictitious Louisiana city of LaVille. Eva, like her grandmother Nannie, has the gift of prophecy and uses this gift to help others. Of the myriad, people who seek Eva's services are Delilah and Samson, a once happily married couple who separate after Samson loses his job as a tap dance instructor at a local LaVille school of the arts. Also a client, is the aspiring Louisiana Governor Edwarde Winde, who has a connection to Eva stemming from their childhood. One of the most complex of Eva's clients is Nia, a college student and fledgling artist who works for Edwarde's wife, Sarah, in a downtown LaVille art gallery. Although omnipotent when it comes to the lives of others, Eva prepares herself to come to terms with unresolved issues in her own past. In the end, Eva is not only forced to make peace with herself, but she must decide whether or not to use her powers in a way that could bring about her own demise.He sat on the bala€” cony floor and opened up the bible and read Psalm 24 out loud. Again, he was soothed. ... Once his workday was over, he took the bus home and watched the streets through the bus window quietly. At his stop, he got offanbsp;...

Title:Nannie Eva
Author:Amani Francis
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-03-01


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