Nanoelectronic Circuit Design

Nanoelectronic Circuit Design

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This book is about large-scale electronic circuits design driven by nanotechnology, where nanotechnology is broadly defined as building circuits using nanoscale devices that are either implemented with nanomaterials (e.g., nanotubes or nanowires) or following an unconventional method (e.g., FinFET or III/V compound-based devices). These nanoscale devices have significant potential to revolutionize the fabrication and integration of electronic systems and scale beyond the perceived scaling limitations of traditional CMOS. While innovations in nanotechnology originate at the individual device level, realizing the true impact of electronic systems demands that these device-level capabilities be translated into system-level benefits. This is the first book to focus on nanoscale circuits and their design issues, bridging the existing gap between nanodevice research and nanosystem design.Y. Cui, X. Duan, J. Hu, and C. M. Lieber, Doping and electrical transport in silicon nanowires, J. Phys. Chem ... 9a€“21, 2008. Sentaurus Device User Guide, Synopsys, Inc., 2007. A. Marchi, E. Gnani, S. Reggiani, M. Rudan, and G. Baccarani, Investigating the ... HSPICE Usera#39;s Manual, Campbell, CA: Meta- Software, Inc., 1992.

Title:Nanoelectronic Circuit Design
Author:Niraj K. Jha, Deming Chen
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-12-21


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