Nanotechnology in a Nutshell

Nanotechnology in a Nutshell

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A new high-level book for professionals from Atlantis Press providing an overview of nanotechnologies now and their applications in a broad variety of fields, including information and communication technologies, environmental sciences and engineering, societal life, and medicine, with provision of customized treatments. The book shows where nanotechnology is now - a fascinating time when the science is transitioning into complex systems with impact on new products. Present and future developments are addressed, as well as a larger number of new industrial and research opportunities deriving from this domain. An overview for professionals, researchers and policy-makers of this very rapidly expanding field. Brief chapters and colour figures with a contained overall length make the book attractive at an attractive price - a must for every professionala€™s shelf. Mihail C. Roco, National Science Foundation and National Nanotechnology Initiative, wrote the preface underlying the importance and weight of the present book to this exciting and epoch-awakening field of research and applications: a€œNanotechnology is well recognized as a science and technology megatrend for the beginning of the 21st century. This book aims to show where nanotechnology is now - transitioning to complex systems and fundamentally new products - and communicates the societal promise of nanotechnology to specialists and the public. Most of what has already made it into the marketplace is in the form of a€œFirst Generationa€ products, passive nanostructures with steady behaviour. Many companies have a€œSecond Generationa€ products, active nanostructures with changing behaviour during use, and embryonic a€œThird Generationa€ products, including 3-dimensional nanosystems. Concepts for a€œFourth Generationa€ products, including heterogeneous molecular nanosystems, are only in research.a€12.13 Cavity repair: nanocomposites for esthetics, strength and longevity. ... At present, the a€œfillinga€ of teeth to replace decayed areas uses dental composites that bond directly to dentine or enamel and can be almost invisible to the untrainedanbsp;...

Title:Nanotechnology in a Nutshell
Author:Christian Ngo, Marcel van de Voorde
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2014-01-04


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