Natural Beauty Products For Curing and Healing

Natural Beauty Products For Curing and Healing

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Natural Beauty Products For Curing and Healing Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1 The beauty of going natural Guard your body from chemicals Sweet scents Economic sense Body friendly nutrients Save the world Chapter 2 Fight diseases with natural products Dairy products Alternative for lactose intolerant people and vegetarians Berries Tomatoes Whole grains Fish Eggs Legumes Nuts Chapter 3 Natural products and allergies Honey Steam it up Quercetin Stinging nettle Friendly bacteria Butterbur Vitamin c Fish oils Support your stress glands Mediterranean diet Chapter 4 Exercise Caution with natural health and beauty products Chapter 5 Garbage in garbage out Chapter 6 Natural beauty products recipes Facial scrub Lotion from the pantry Wonder Shampoo Soft hands Conclusion Introduction Going green is all the rage right now, be it in fashion, in cars, in offices or what have you and why should you be left behind? In this book we look at the amazing natural products that are going to do wonders for your skin and hair as well as your general health. We look at the reasons why you cannot afford to continue using artificial beauty products and why it is about time you took a 360 degree turn on your current lifestyle. This is a wellness book that holds important life lessons. Put your reading glasses on and let the journey that will change your life begin.There is no better time to go green on your body than now; from what you eat to what you breathe to what you apply on ... to have a beautiful scent and at the same time have silky smooth skin and hair courtesy of the nutrients in the products.

Title:Natural Beauty Products For Curing and Healing
Author:John Davidson, Elda Watulo
Publisher:JD-Biz Corp Publishing - 2013-05-15


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