Natural (The Beautiful 'n' Word)

Natural (The Beautiful 'n' Word)

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Natural The Beautiful 'N' Word Breaking the Psychological Bondage of the American Standard of Beauty The American standard of beauty is an optical illusion that has mesmerized the world. Artificial hair, and makeup in the hands of a beautician is equivalent to a deck of cards, a top hat and a magic wand in the hands of a magician. The multibillion-dollar beauty industry has successfully proven that the hand is quicker than the eye. Hypnotically, the public applauds the deception. Most women-even some little girls-are addictive users of the hair and cosmetic charade; yet, few know its history. Most women were convinced in childhood by subliminal messages in the media that their natural hair and facial features were substandard. Ultimately, acquiring the acceptance and applause from a well-trained public became a subconscious ritual. No civilized race or nationality is exempt. This book exposes secrets and facts about the American standard of beauty rarely revealed, such as: The untold truth about artificial hair Why natural beauty is heavily discouraged The cosmetic conspiracy A totally natural method of growing nappy hair What are Sisterlocks and who is its creatorShe had thick nappy hair, which her mother Willie Mae, kept groomed in Afros, puffs, braids, or twists. Occasionally, Willie Mae would get out the pressing comb and olive oil, which made little Maevette scream to the top of her lungs just from the heat approaching her ear. ... of her head from a weave track she had ripped off her scalp some years ago after her attempt to loosen the weave bond with oils andanbsp;...

Title:Natural (The Beautiful 'n' Word)
Author:Richard O. Jones, Jennifer C. Jones
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-02


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