Naturalism and Our Knowledge of Reality

Naturalism and Our Knowledge of Reality

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Philosophical naturalism is taken to be the preferred and reigning epistemology and metaphysics that underwrites many ideas and knowledge claims. But what if we cannot know reality on that basis? What if the institution of science is threatened by its reliance on naturalism? The book offers fresh implications for the testing of religious truth-claims, science, ethics, education, and public policy. Consequently, naturalism and the fact-value split are shown to be false and Christian theism is shown to be true.The socket then becomes infected, which happened to me after my wisdom teeth were removed over twenty years ago. ... namely, a concern to avoid a€œinternalism, a€ construed as a sense-datum view, which they see as leading to skepticism.

Title:Naturalism and Our Knowledge of Reality
Author:Dr R Scott Smith
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2013-06-28


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