Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts

Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts

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Boulders laugh, trees talk, and practically each patch of ground has meaning, in Atala Toya€™s experience. Faeries, angels, ghosts, orbs, and spirits of place are just some of the life forms with which she helps us attune-and shows us how to record their image! Readers will cherish her rare combination of esoteric wisdom and practical guidance. With substantive clarity, she explains time travel, portals, dowsing, negative and positive vortexes, balls of energy known as merkabahs, ley lines, and orbs-the plasma of some life form visible to human eyes or to cameras, many of which are nature spirits who enjoy being around happy energy and so are often seen at parties and spiritual gatherings. A professional interdimensional communicator, Atala is up to the minute in her understanding of the emerging field of spiritual sciences and the correlations between modern physics and ancient metaphysical traditions that perceive the oneness of all nature. We all communicate interdimensionally every day, she says. We just dona€™t know it, and so we lose out on the many ways to receive help from the other life forms who share our space. Drawing on her own and her clientsa€™ experiences, she teaches through colorful stories and her own powerful photographs. Titles include a€œThe Ghost Who Washed Dishes, a€ a€œThe Haunted Hotel, a€ a€œThe Guardian of the Spring, a€ a€œThe Horse Who Knew More Than His Owners, a€ a€œThe Jilted House, a€ a€œThe Stranded Gnome, a€ a€œThe Moss Faery, a€ a€œThe Owl on Turtle Island, a€ and a€œThe Balsam Who Loved the Birch.a€ She also includes lessons explaining the energetic principles of the situation; simple exercises for mastering the principle contained in the story; and tips for photographing other life forms using technology available to anyone, such as digital or even cell phone cameras. By entering the fascinating realm of this book, the reader will join the growing number of people aware of subtle energy and able to see through the veils between dimensions. Not only is this possibility personally enriching, it serves a broader purpose as well. Needless to say, the planet and everything on it is at a critical juncture. In damaging the earth, we have damaged the nature beingsa€™ home as well. It is therefore strongly in their interest to assist us in transforming the earth into something better. This book shows us how to learn from and enjoy them in a most delightful wayHow to Talk with and Photograph Beings of Other Realms Atala Dorothy Toy. morning with bits of ... This line of energy was an intelligent frequency whose message was: a€œThere are no such things as guides and guardian angels! Be sensible, work hard, and accept responsibility for your own decisions.a€ Louisea#39;s guides andanbsp;...

Title:Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides, and Ghosts
Author:Atala Dorothy Toy
Publisher:Quest Books - 2012-12-16


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