'Neath Odin's Eye

'Neath Odin's Eye

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Always a catchAca‚nAbFor Bannor Starfist, the savant of reality, nothing is easy... including getting married.Fresh off a duel with allfather Odin, Bannor tries to start a new life in Malan with his cherished betrothed, Sarai. He hopes the worst of his troubles will be preparing for the elaborate royal marriage ceremonies. As usual, things don't go according to plan...Creation, annihilation, perpetuity... the words boom in Bannor's mind through his magical nola powers. The message is just a pre-cursor to another big mess done Garmtur style. Daena, the savant of attractions turned immortal goddess, is up to something and Advocate Eternal Koass is anything but happy. Bannor goes to Eternity's Heart to speak on Daena's behalf and ends up the Shael Dal's latest draftee. The Protectorate has a problem. A million blood-thirsty war-mages are running rampant through the Ring Realms destroying everything they come in contact with. The difficulty is, nobody can find them... except maybe someone with the reality bending power of the Garmtur Shak'Nola.Bannor decides to help but learns the hard way. No good deed goes unpunished...Will Greenway. goddessa#39; trap. Sarai blinked and slowly let out a breath. aquot;Yes.aquot; Her eyelids fluttered. aquot;Even that tiny bit ... Everything about his mate took on a sparkle like that of polished metal. ... spoke her voice sounded richer, more vibrant.

Title:'Neath Odin's Eye
Author:Will Greenway
Publisher:Writer\'s Exchange Publishing - 2005-05-01


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