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DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES...Except to Harry Keogh, Necroscope. And what they tell him is horrifying. In the Balkan mountains of Rumania, a terrible evil is growing. Long buried in hallowed ground, bound by earth and silver, the master vampire schemes and plots. Trapped in unlife, neither dead nor living, Thibor Ferenczy hungers for freedom and revenge. The vampire's human tool is Boris Dragosani, part of a super-secret Soviet spy agency. Dragosani is an avid pupil, eager to plumb the depthless evil of the vampire's mind. Ferenczy teaches Dragosani the awful skills of the necromancer, gives him the ability to rip secrets from the mind and bodies of the dead. Dragosani works not for Ferenczy's freedom but world domination. he will rule the world with knowledge raped from the dead. His only opponent: Harry Koegh, champion of the dead and the living. To protect Harry, the dead will do anything - even rise from their graves!And how often since then had it come to him in the night, in his dreams, when he was safe in his bed, whispering, a#39;Never forget me, Dragosaaniiii . ... Say it in your head if you cana#39;t speak it, boy. What ... The mountains grow and are eroded.

Author:Brian Lumley
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-04-23


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