Nectar #22

Nectar #22

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With open arms and open minds we welcome the contemporary reader and lover of Truth to another feast for the soul, some Amrita, Nectar for the aspiring mind of the devout and avid practitioner. This open invitation is extended not only to those who have already grounded themselves in the search for Freedom via authentic spiritual traditions, but also to those who show a keen interest and feel drawn to those subtle visions and revelations of spiritual life which otherwise get obscured by the everyday goings-on of the secularized world and its conventionalized religion. Even a basic curiosity about mystical paths and ways and the esoteric wisdom they contain is apt excuse to embark upon this compelling journey which will turn the confused and restless soul, now enjoying and suffering in turns at the hands of fragmented mind and insentient matter, towards all the answers it requires and has been searching for over many lifetimes. So come, say the sages and seers, and find the highest refection of the soul possible at this sublime wisdom retreat in the isolated mountain ranges of varied spiritual experiences. Any of the tried and true pathways called authentic religions, rightly comprehended, will lead one there. The life-giving waters of Vedanta, Jainism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism, and Bhakti and Karma Yogas all flow predominantly through the pages of this enlightening issue of Advaita-satya-amritam. Book reviews inclusive of world religions such as Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism also form little liquid pools of its conscious content, while eddies of Sufism, Yoga, Tantra, and Western Philosophy also play with in it a€” all carried on the powerful but unseen Truth-tide of Nonduality. Read on, dear soul, read on. Get immersed in the Waters of Eternal Life which, like a well-spring appearing near the thirst-filled road of embodiment, brings both peace and Self-realization to the transmigrating soul.It is therefore that the wise student takes recourse to the nondual scriptures ( Vidyashastra) and the preceptora#39;s instructions (Guru-anushasana). ... is to say that to the intelligent person, God, Divine Reality, needs no proving; thus, the soul needs no verification of Its existence. ... but rather, a€œWho am I?a€ That inquiry (Atma -vichara) will take you to the Feet of the Lord and Mother of the Universe through theanbsp;...

Title:Nectar #22
Author:Babaji Bob Kindler, DS Lokanath, Swami Aseshananda, Swami Brahmeshananda, Nan Huai Chin, S Jagadishan, Annapurna Sarada
Publisher:Sarada Ramakrishna Vivekananda Associations - 2007-02-12


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