Nectar #27

Nectar #27

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The current issue of Nectar of Nondual Truth starts our year off with profound thoughts of a religious and spiritual nature. There can be no better way to higher health than to purify the mind and intellect, daily, with words of a refined philosophical caliber. These are precious words indeed, coming as they do from a select group of serious individuals, all singularly dedicated to their chosen tradition and its dissemination. Herein, sandwiched between wise and heartfelt literary offerings by life-long dedicated writers and practitioners of the Vedanta, living and passed, lie complementary writings on some of the most respected spiritual traditions of the world, all in Nectar-like fashion. And, as usual with Nectar of Nondual Truth, the underlying theme which connects all of these beings and their mature perspectives together is that of Universality. Just as the Formless Reality called Brahman makes up the unseen but pervasive substratum for all that lies in the diverse realm of name and form, so does the eternal tenet of Universality support and weave together all religious traditions. When recognition of this great truth dawns on the human mind, it is immediately free, on so many levels.Annapurna Sarada u ... phi- losophy and at least a few other salient teachings from the Vedanta, it is quite likely that the student will either reject, fail to understand, or misunderstand what is being stated. The seers of India and others have verified by their own direct experience that the universe is projected by the mind.

Title:Nectar #27
Author:Babaji Bob Kindler, Jagadish Ghosh, Swami Brahmeshananda, Swami Aseshananda, Annapurna Sarada, Lex Hixon, John Francis, Helen Appell, Paravasta Sam Bailey, Michael J Isaacs
Publisher:Sarada Ramakrishna Vivekananda Associations - 2012-01-15


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