Negotiating for Success – The Next Step

Negotiating for Success – The Next Step

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Negotiation involves two parties who each have something that the other wants, trying to reach a mutual agreement to exchange, through a process of dialogue and bargaining. To negotiate successfully you need a game plan - your ultimate aim and a strategy for achieving it. The key to effective negotiating is having a negotiation strategy, understanding the difference between 'positions' and 'interests', knowing how to make concessions, managing negotiation deadlocks, and having respect for the negotiation relationship. It would be expected that participants would have completed Level 100 - Negotiating for Success as a pre-requisite.This Learning Short-take combines self-study with workplace activities to develop skills successful negotiating. Participants will add to their toolkit of basic negotiation techniques by further exploring the BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) concept for improved negotiation outcomes plus other advanced negotiating skills. Participants will learn how to prepare for their next negotiation to protect themselves from accepting terms which are unfavorable, avoid rejecting terms that they would be wise to accept, and be flexible enough to permit exploration of creative alternatives. This Learning Short-take is designed for completion in approximately 90 minutes.Learning Objectives Describe critical variables in a negotiation and how these can be used to benefit you at the negotiating table. Identify those factors that influence the decision making process during a negotiation. Describe the various negotiation styles and how you can adapt your own style to deal with them more effectively. Explain strategies for maintaining positive working relationships after the negotiations have concluded. Create a Skills Development Action Plan.qYou need to complete this plan before meeting with your manager or prior to on- going coaching. You will discuss it ... Take your participant guide and all other documentation received during the training course to this meeting. Remember - youanbsp;...

Title:Negotiating for Success – The Next Step
Author:Catherine Mattiske
Publisher:AudioInk - 2012-04-03


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