Negotiating in the Leadership Zone

Negotiating in the Leadership Zone

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Negotiating in the Leadership Zone expertly addresses the question: How do leaders become better negotiators? Much has been written about leadership, and negotiating skills have long been the subject of academics and business consultants. This book successfully brings negotiation and leadership together for the first time, building separate insights about them into practical, applied lessons and tools that can be used immediately. Leaders will find unique cases, examples, and insights for high-stakes and routine negotiations alike. Mixng a readable, non-jargon approach with real-world stories and wide applicability, the author's use of 50+ years of experience as a business owner, negotiation consultant, and teacher to convey the fundamental logic and strategies underlying negotiations. The results are more than convincing. Draws upon 50+ years of the authors' relevant experience to teach leaders the logic and strategy behind successful negotiations Connects research and principles to actual events via short vignettes and extended case studies Features website tools, tips, stories, and video lessons on effective negotiating Encourages the leader in every readerResearchers measured task-oriented behavior, relationship-oriented behavior, and participative leadership. Situation Leadership Theory: The Situation Determines the Leadera#39;s Behavior Situation leadership theory developed around 1975.

Title:Negotiating in the Leadership Zone
Author:Ken Sylvester
Publisher:Academic Press - 2015-08-22


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