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This new textbook wants to offer to neonatologists and pediatricians a modern and complete view of the various problems and aspects of neonatology, currently one of the most complex and advanced fields of pediatrics. The first chapters will be dedicated to the epidemiology of neonatal mortality and morbidity and to the conditions responsible for neonatal risk. A section will be devoted to organizational problems of hospitals and home services for efficient modern neonatal and infant care. Particular attention will be paid to neonatal care, medico-legal questions, examination of newborns and current availability of laboratory facilities and instrumentation for identification of perinatal abnormalities. Neonatal nutritional problems will also be examined, outlining current knowledge of the needs of sick and healthy babies. Conditions jeopardizing fetal health such as diabetes, maternal drug abuse and smoking will be discussed. New advances in neonatal pharmacology will be extensively examined. Various diseases of the neonate involving lungs, heart, gastrointestinal tract, blood, immune system, endocrine system and kidneys will be also expounded in special chapters. Fetal and neonatal infections will be extensively discussed. Fetal and neonatal neurological abnormalities will be discussed by highly specialized authors. There will be chapters on neonatal ophthalmology, dermatology and orthopedics. Each chapter has beeb written by a well recognized international expert in his or her field. As the opinion leader in their field, the Author is responsible for giving the most up-to-date information in terms of what is known, what is still being researched, and what has become evidence based medicine. Underlying causes and mechanisms of neonatal diseases will be presented in an immediate form. The use of summaries, tables, and accurately selected guidelines or recommendations that will accompany the text will supply quick references and instant solutions to the concerned neonatologists during their daily practice.Great advances in our understanding of toxic effects of oxygen were made in the years that followed, when oxygen toxicity ... The main ROS are the superoxide anion (O2a€“), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), lipid peroxide (LOOH), peroxyl radicals ROa€c2 ... Italy Ac Springer-Verlag Italia 2012 (SOD) produces H2O2 which in turn may be fully reduced to water by glutathione ... during inflammation and, in turn, this event may be favorable or unfavorable depending on different conditions [7, 8].

Author:Giuseppe Buonocore, Rodolfo Bracci, Michael Weindling
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-01-28


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