Network Forensics

Network Forensics

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a€œThis is a must-have work for anybody in information security, digital forensics, or involved with incident handling. As we move away from traditional disk-based analysis into the interconnectivity of the cloud, Sherri and Jonathan have created a framework and roadmap that will act as a seminal work in this developing field.a€ a€“ Dr. Craig S. Wright (GSE), Asia Pacific Director at Global Institute for Cyber Security + Research. a€œIta€™s like a symphony meeting an encyclopedia meeting a spy novel.a€ a€“Michael Ford, Corero Network Security On the Internet, every action leaves a marka€“in routers, firewalls, web proxies, and within network traffic itself. When a hacker breaks into a bank, or an insider smuggles secrets to a competitor, evidence of the crime is always left behind. Learn to recognize hackersa€™ tracks and uncover network-based evidence in Network Forensics: Tracking Hackers through Cyberspace. Carve suspicious email attachments from packet captures. Use flow records to track an intruder as he pivots through the network. Analyze a real-world wireless encryption-cracking attack (and then crack the key yourself). Reconstruct a suspecta€™s web surfing historya€“and cached web pages, tooa€“from a web proxy. Uncover DNS-tunneled traffic. Dissect the Operation Aurora exploit, caught on the wire. Throughout the text, step-by-step case studies guide you through the analysis of network-based evidence. You can download the evidence files from the authorsa€™ web site (, and follow along to gain hands-on experience. Hackers leave footprints all across the Internet. Can you find their tracks and solve the case? Pick up Network Forensics and find out.This allows users to customize the data cached and exported by a sensor, enabling both greater flexibility for analysis as well ... Enterasys, July 15, 2010, pdf. ... B. Trammell and E. Boschi, a€œRFC 5103a€”Bidirectional Flow Export Using IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX), a€ IETF, January 2008, rfc5103.txt.

Title:Network Forensics
Author:Sherri Davidoff, Jonathan Ham
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2012-06-18


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