Network Infrastructure Security

Network Infrastructure Security

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Research on Internet security over the past few decades has focused mainly on information assurance, issues of data confidentiality and integrity as explored through cryptograph algorithms, digital signature, authentication code, etc. Unlike other books on network information security, Network Infrastructure Security addresses the emerging concern with better detecting and preventing routers and other network devices from being attacked or compromised. Network Infrastructure Security bridges the gap between the study of the traffic flow of networks and the study of the actual network configuration. This book makes effective use of examples and figures to illustrate network infrastructure attacks from a theoretical point of view. The book includes conceptual examples that show how network attacks can be run, along with appropriate countermeasures and solutions.Index A Access Control Lists (ACLs), 119 Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), 25 addressing, 7 ARP DoS attack, 29 ARP ... 71, 111 Autonomous System (AS), 63 autotrunking, 54 B black hole, 11, 110 Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), 71, 110 BPDU ... 7 IP Spoofing attack, 223 K Key Signing Key (KSK), 176 L last mile, 5 layer 2, 19 layer 2 network infrastructure separation, ... routing algorithm, 66 Linux, 182 Linux Ethernet Bridging project, 182950_1_En_BM1_Chapter_OnlinePDF.pdf.

Title:Network Infrastructure Security
Author:Angus Wong, Alan Yeung
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-04-21


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