Network Ninja

Network Ninja

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This book is about qthe way things work.q It's a quick, straight to the point reference for various networking concepts, targeted at the middle-level network engineer. Instead of memorizing tidbits of information to pass a test, gain a real understanding about the protocols and concepts you need to use. See Also: After reading Network Ninja, you will: Understand the protocols you work with, in a manner that actually makes them useful for solving real-world problems. Be able to configure a switch, router, or OS, from any vendor, with little effort -- because you will understand what you're doing, not just one vendor's way of doing it. Use your knowledge to explain previously mysterious phenomena. Explain these concepts to junior network engineers, and become their mentor.Because of the twist in the CAT5 cable, it is recommended to make CAT5e standard cables, though, to guarantee the ... When wiring patch panels to wall jacks, the wires are normally placed in a different configuration than the connectors onanbsp;...

Title:Network Ninja
Author:Charlie Schluting - 2008-07-23


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